From Concept to Realization

Essai makes ideas become innovations

We provide complete engineering design, manufacturing and testing solutions

Essai offers a host of solutions to clients seeking quality, innovation and expediency.  We specialize in delivering custom engineered and manufactured solutions to fit the most complicated requirements and meet the most demanding schedules. 

Our projects are successfully completed through employing experienced professionals, creating a strong teamwork environment, and utilizing the best tools available.  All Essai engineers, researchers, developers, machinists, assemblers and quality personnel are experienced industry veterans and have met strict Essai standards in recruitment and continuous professional development. We work in cross-functional teams in an open environment that promotes collaboration and drives performance. Essai's engineers are experts at understanding how solutions will be implemented into the end use space. This initiates a backdrop for collaboration and process optimization which generates cost-effective and timely results.

Our functional teams can be utilized by our clients as a whole or can be engaged as needed: