We pride ourselves on our creativity and commitment to satisfy our customers' needs

Essai transforms complex ideas into reality

Design innovation makes the difference between a product that enters the market and one that leads it. With over 15 years of history providing real practical solutions to our customers, Essai is your go-to partner for concept creation, design innovation and market realization. 

Increasingly our customers ask us to engage them earlier in the design process to reduce their effort and time to market. Our design teams are experts at streamlining and removing roadblocks. Our proprietary development methodologies give an unrivalled proficiency in delivering products of the highest quality that go on to become the gold-standard technology in the market place.

Complexity and deadlines are never factors

With a history of delivering high performance projects ahead of schedule, Essai is Silicon Valley's premier solutions provider for rapid engineering, offering services to the global market place. We pride ourselves on the fact that no one has ever given us a challenge that we could not solve effectively and efficiently. Our results speak for themselves, with customers returning to us to solve their "unsolvable" problems. Essai provides all the documentation and support you need, wherever you are based. We would welcome hearing your challenges and working with you to provide the solution.