Reduce your effort needed for product life-cycle maintenance

Essai offers a range of services to sustain your products throughout their life-cycles

We can keep your product on-market longer and more efficiently 

 In this fast paced environment, component management and parts end-of-life is a constant concern and is often a significant drain on management and engineering resources. Essai’s teams are experienced in managing products to the end of their natural life cycle, even in that is beyond original expectation. We have expertise to resolve bill of materials issues when component parts are no longer available or systems need updating or refreshing.

Component end of life management services

With any product launch comes the concern of maintenance and support in the real world. Our services can be deployed proactively or in response to a critical component event:

  • Proactive obsolescence management
  • Full Lifecycle component management
  • Rapid request obsolescence mitigation
  • Review for cost reduction
  • Design assessment for improved reliability
  • Alternate component sourcing or manufacturing
  • Product revitalization
  • Failure and root cause determination and analysis