Thermal Control

Creating technology that makes a significant leap forward

Thermal Control

Conventional test methodologies for temperature control of microprocessors and semiconductors are time consuming, energy inefficient and unreliable. Here at Essai, we have designed and combined a series of novel components to create a breakthrough technology for processor testing. Gone are the air-driven chambers and passive heat sinks of the past, we are happy to announce the introduction of our patented Thermal Control Unit.

So instead of relying on mathematical models or impractical estimates, you can now take advantage of Essai's precision controlled temperature environments for microprocessors. This proprietary technology is efficient rapid heating and cooling which significantly reduce required time for testing.

A current customer of Essai, who had regularly purchased our off-the-shelf test components came to us with some new testing requirements for their new product. The temperature range and rate of change required was challenging. Our engineers tackled the problem by rapidly building a prototype with a custom mounting. The test fixture could be quickly combined onto the current testing setup with minimum impact. The ability to create a custom test harness that suits your needs within hours truly makes Essai the place for innovation. 

Modular and customizable to meet your needs

From our base model, available off-the-shelf to address commercial CPU testing, to a custom control unit for less routine applications, Essai can deliver the right solution for your thermal control needs. Our standard sockets allow fast implementation with an excellent accuracy. For those looking to push the boundaries, our team has an unrivalled knowledge of high speed/high power devices ready for your deployment.