Providing timely solutions to our customers "impossible" challenges

We Make Tomorrow's Things Today

Essai is uniquely positioned, linking together top-class engineers with an array of cutting-edge technologies, to provide unrivaled product development and rapid manufacturing services.

"There are many custom engineering organizations in the marketplace, but we have found none who can match the technical skills and the advanced creative abilities of this team."  - Global Product Manager

We work with a broad section of clients across multiple markets at a pace that truly redefines the meaning of "fast". While many development projects are measured in months or years, we pride ourselves on delivering exactly what you want when you need it; even if that timeframe is best measured in days.

Our successes start where other developments stop.  We provide a superior service based on a dedication to quality, integrity and professionalism that allows us to rapidly push to a conclusion. We quickly determine your needs through our analytical and methodical business systems leveraged by our top class engineers. We have the right skills and tools to deliver end-to-end product design and manufacturing solutions to even the most complex problems, with our customers reporting superior functionality and reliability generated from our efforts.