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Making the difference between launch and excellence 

Don't just take our word for it; Essai's customers are our best advertisement. When the largest maker of Electronic Consumer Goods in North America came to us with a complex test & measurement challenge, that several other firms were unable to solve in a timely manner, we did what we do best – provide the solution. The challenge crossed electro-mechanical disciplines and significantly pushed current limits to breaking point. Months of time had already been wasted on failed attempts with other approaches. Once the client engaged Essai, we were able to design, prototype and test a solution within 8 weeks. Not only did we exceed timeframe expectations, we had an elegant solution that significantly improved overall manufacturing costs.

The solution was a 3D Gyroscope with simultaneous 3 axis movements and high positional accuracy and feedback mechanisms. The requirements also called for continuous power and I/O connections during the rotation as the DUT needed to feedback crucial instantaneous data to the testing mechanism. The machine was later upgraded to enable larger DUT and multi- site functionality and continues to play an important role in the test and production process of MEMS enabled devices.

This success story is just one of many that make up Essai's 15 years of innovation history. We have made this possible by hiring some of the brightest talent in the Valley and pairing them up with state-of-the-art tools. Our advanced design team works with you to provide a robust solution addressing all your challenges.