Big strides, small carbon footprints

Commitment to the Environment

We at Essai have taken action to ensure that all of our manufacturing processes & facilities are sustainable. Essai and its industry suppliers have a mutual objective to work together to achieve our targets through educating the supply chain, developing performance measures and sharing best practices. A sustainable procurement process has been established to ensure that all procurement policies and strategies incorporate sustainable development into Essai’s manufacturing practices.

Ultimately Essai’s focus is on procuring equipment and machinery that use less energy and have a longer lifespan. Raw material and components used in Essai’s products or manufacturing processes are reviewed to ensure eco-friendly options are prioritized. In addition, waste reduction by recycling and reusing tools or qualified material is emphasized throughout the organization and implemented in Essai’s development and manufacturing processes.

The statement of ‘green intent' is strongly present throughout the organization, setting out what Essai expects from its partners and suppliers, and what customers and industry can expect from Essai. The objective is to help our organization become greener and more sustainable through smarter procurement, resource management, and process streamlining, as well as to provide the best value and quality of product to our customers.