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continue. Essai Specializes in the manufacturing of BGA Sockets,LGA Sockets,Test Sockets,BGA Contactors,High Speed Sockets, IC Sockets, Interposers, Actuators, Test Interfaces,Test Tooling, Test Automation Equipment, LOAD Boards, ATE Boards, DIB Boards, DUT Boards,High Speed Boards and Board Adapters. We utilize management, simulation, FEA, Characterization, Validation, and Engineering, to deliver High Speed, High Performance, High Reliability. Our State of the art Custom Design and Manufacturing utilizes Precision Tooling for BGA, QFP, and multiple IC Package tests.
For the past 20 years our professionals have helped several industries advance heights throughout innovative solutions. Our commitment to excellence is the key areas of research and development, engineering , manufacturing , reliability testing and system analysis have bolstered the arenas of our clients. For complete understanding of how our methodologies can help you to shorten you development life cycle and increase your opportunities please contact us for an interview with one of our sales associates. Essai forms partnership with technology firm Oztera to open channels with partners and clients. Essai establishes a new headquarters facility in Fremont California. Essai offers a host of solutions to the clients seeking quality, innovation and expediency. We specialize in delivering custom engineered and manufactured products to fit most complicated requirements and meet most demanding schedules.

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